Global Challenges, Science and Entrepreneurship

Responsible educational institutes: ISIS, IWWR, Information Science, Physics, Faculty of Management Sciences

Automatically approved for: all bachelorstudents of the Faculty of Science

Amount of ec: 18 ec

Contact: Heleen de Coninck (phone: 024 365 3254, email: )

Short introduction

Do you want to look beyond your science discipline? And are you interested in contributing to solutions to societal challenges, such as health, climate change and development? From physics to chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science, the various disciplines in the Faculty of Science have much to say about these challenges, including about how we can address them. There will hardly be any graduate of our Faculty who will not deal with one or more of these challenges in her or his career, whether it is in business, in (applied) research, in government or consultancy or in teaching.

But once you are in such a position, you will notice that you must not only be keenly aware of what science has to tell. Politics and economics will come in, for they provide instruments and boundary conditions. Business may help, but may also be the cause of inertia and limitations. In the end, society also needs entrepreneurial people in small and large companies, in government departments and agencies, in fact everywhere, to develop innovative and sustainable solutions and approaches that contribute to addressing societal challenges.

In the Global Challenges, Science and Entrepreneurship minor at Radboud University’s Faculty of Science, you will explore in more depth and in a multidisciplinary and practical way three global challenges, and in addition broaden your perspective towards politics, business and policy. 


This minor has a flexible programme to allow students to pursue their own interest. The programme is structured as follows:

  • one compulsory course
  • students choose three elective courses of 3 ec, from a list of five
  • students choose one elective course of 6 ec, from a list of three

The following course is compulsory:

Coursecode Coursename ec quarter
NWI-GCSE007 Beleid, ondernemerschap en innovatie  3 2

NB: this course also provides an orientation to the masterspecialisation Science, Management and Innovation

Students choose three courses of the following five:

Coursecode Coursename ec quarter
NWI-GCSE004 Biodiversity & Ecosystems 3 1
NWI-GCSE009 Personalised Health(care) 3 1
NWI-GCSE002 Energy and Sustainability 3 2
NWI-GCSE001 Climate Change: Science and Policy 3 2
NWI-BB079C Water, Health & Development 3 3

Students choose one course of the following three:

Coursecode Coursename ec quarter

Duurzaam Ondernemen

 6  1
MAN-BCU2024 Globalising Worlds  6  2

Student Company

 6  1-3

NB: for participating in the Student Company you also have to contact the lecturer before September 1st!