Organizing cyber security


Organizing cyber security is about how to deal with a digital crisis an, more important, how to prevent one from happening. Organizing cyber security is divided in cyber security governance, -management and -crisismanagement. Cyber security governance is about the organisation and management of (the access to) valuable digital assets within and in between organisations. It's the first 'safety valve' dealing with organisational and managerial questions that need to be adressed in preventing digital crisis from happening. Cyber security management concerns the actual management of safety- and security measures that organise the (access to) valuable digital assets. It's the second 'safety valve' in preventing digital crisis from happening. Cyber security crisismanagement finally is about how to deal with a digital crisis when the 'safety valves' didn't prevent one from happening.


Cyber security governance

  • Insight in backgrounds and keyfigures of several organisational theories, insight in how policies are being established and insight in how to intervene in (networks of) organisations.
  • Being able to construct a so called 'governance-arrangement' on account of a digital crisis.

Cyber security management

  • Insight in the relationship between risks, crisis and security managment from a social scientifical point of view.
  • Being able to make an action plan based on a 'governance-arrangemment'

Cyber security crisismanagement

  • Insight in the essence of crisismanagement in general and managing a digital crisis in particular.
  • Being able to put above insights into action in a crisissimulation.


Cyber security governance

  • Organizational theory 
  • Policy analysis
  • Intervening in organizations 

Cyber security management

  • Risk, crisis and security management 
  • Security management 

Cyber security crisismanagement

  • An introduction to crisismanagement 
  • Crisismanagement
  • Cyber security crisismanagement  

Teaching methods

  • 16 hours guided group project work
  • 10 hours excursion
  • 28 hours lecture
  • 24 hours group project work without guidance
  • 8 hours individual project work without guidance
  • 2 hours student presentation
  • 80 hours individual study period

Extra information teaching methods

Cyber security governance

Besides lectures and individual assignments, students will be asked to construct a stakeholder analysis and a so called governance arrangement based on an actual case (Diginotar or another actual case). Therefore students will get an introduction in policy analysis methods.

Cyber security management

Besides lectures and individual assignments students will be asked to construct an action plan based on the 'governance-arrangement' that has been constructed earlier. Suggested safety- and security measures as well as the way in whcih to organise and manage them have to be described.

Cyber security crisismanagement

Besides lectures and individual assignments students will conduct a crisissimuilation in which they play the role of the ministerial crisis committee in dealing with a digital crisis in the Netherlands.

finally all elements mentioned before will be tested in an exam.


Individuele opdrachten (4), groepsopdrachten (3) en een examen met kennis- en essayvragen.

De (groeps)opdrachten tellen voor 40% en het examen voor 60% mee in de eindbeoordeling.




Used (background)literature will be given to the students in handouts after each lecture.

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