Studiegidsen 2013-2014
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This prospectus provides information on courses and research departments that are relevant to Master students of Natural Sciences.

The goal of a Masters study is quite simple: Find joy in becoming an expert in a field that you like to work in, whether that be biophysical chemistry, theory of solid state physics, or science communication, every student here has a chance to study in a top-research environment, follow state-of-the art courses and participate in front-line research with world class researchers.

Masters students of Natural Sciences choose to become experts on the interface between disciplines, the surface where scientific development finds new ways. A Master in Natural Sciences is able to work with concepts and methodology of two trades. This prospectus offers a sample of subjects available at Radboud University. But be sure to also venture out further in the information provided by other tracks, faculties and other universities.

There are four choices for the starting master student:
Research (O), Communication (C), Management (MT), and Education (E). All of these are described in this Masters prospectus.

Although the masters programme of Natural Sciences is intended to offer an all english curriculum, some information may still be available only in Dutch.

More information, and the most recent education and examination regulations (OER) can be obtained from the web-site http://www.ru.nl/masters/programme/science/natural-sciences/ 
Important information about being a student in Nijmegen is available through www.ru.nl/currentstudents/.

The contents of this prospectus were assembled with great care, however, errors and inaccuracies cannot be ruled out and no rights can be derived from this document. Suggestions for improvement and corrections are warmly welcomed.

August 2013,

Dr. L.J.J. Laarhoven, email: