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European law master EU External Relations Law 

Course ID
Semester I
Teaching methods
Ten two-hour sessions, with a mix of lecturing, class discussions and presentations.

This course is only available for students of the European law master.

This compulsory course focuses on the external dimension of EU law: the rules that govern the Union's international relations as well as the so-called Common Foreign and Security Policy. This means that, essentially, all activities of the EU on the global scene will be considered and discussed, from a legal perspective and at an advanced level. Among the course topics will be inter alia: the external competences and international legal personality of the EU; the role of the institutions, the effect of legal measures and the methods of decision-making; judicial review on external action; the European security and defence policy; EU trade relations with third countries and its activities under international economic law (WTO/GATT). The course will provide students with the most recent insights in law and policy, so that they obtain a comprehensive perspective on the role and powers of the Union as a global actor.


Students are expected to complete assignments every week and give a presentation at the penultimate session. The course will be concluded with a written exam. Individual results are determined on the basis of the assignments, performance in the presentation and at the written exam.


 - Textbook: Henri de Waele, Layered Global Player. Legal Dynamics of EU External Relations, Heidelberg-Berlin-New York: Springer 2011, available with a 40 % discount at the Study Store (= the campus bookshop)
- Reader with case law and study questions, available from the ‘Dictatencentrale’ 

Allocation of credits


The course covers 196 hours for a total of 7 EC credits.

Lectures/seminars: 22 hours
Preparation lectures/seminars: 88  hours
Preparation exam: 86 hours
Total: 196 hours



  • Dr. H.C.F.J.A. de Waele, Thomas van Aquinostraat 4, room 4.01.42, tel.: +31-24-3615707, e-mail


  • Mrs. drs. F. Argante, Thomas van Aquinostraat 4, room 4.01.35, tel.: +31-24-3615488, e-mail
  • Mrs. drs. M.G. Grevinga, Thomas van Aquinostraat 4, room 4.01.36, tel.: +31-24-3615488, e-mail